Privacy Policy

You and your privacy are important to us (‘Kingfisher’ and ‘AIRSCAPE’) and we work hard to protect both. Kingfisher is powered by AIRSCAPE Technology and, together, this is our policy regarding our protection of you and your data.

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) standards.

Your use of our platform, apps, portals and services (known collectively as ‘product’) is anonymous,

* you choose to identify yourself,
* you declare to whom you want to be known.

You will know when you have identified yourself, and you will always have the option to remove your identification from our product.

You will also know when you have declared to be known by others, and you will also always have the option to remove your declaration from our products.


The NENO.BIBLE app can be used anonymously.

We will always know when our content is being used, but we do not know ‘who’ is using it, unless you have identified and registered yourself.

Even then, we do not link your usage to your identity unless, for example, you wish to have personalised notes connected to the Bible verses or you want to message someone else from within the app (these features have not been activated during the pilot).

Moreover, during the pilot we have not activated the identification and registration process at all, thus, the NENO.BIBLE app can only be used anonymously for the time being.


All data between the NENO.BIBLE app and our Platform is encrypted from end-to-end.

No data remains within the NENO.BIBLE app, nor on your mobile phone, after it has been closed, unless, you have elected to cache data.

You will know when you have elected to cache data, and you will always have the option to clear the cache.


The NENO.BIBLE app has been designed to prioritise the Bible translations offered to you according to their popularity in the geographic region in which the app is operating. However, during the pilot, we have not activated the geolocation feature. In any event, the geolocation of the app is not linked to your identity.

Broadcast messages

The NENO.BIBLE app is free because it has been sponsored by not-for-profit organisations like Biblica, which also wants you to have their content for free. From time to time, we will broadcast messages, sometimes from our sponsors, about new features and content. Broadcast messages are not linked to your identity.

Localised content

The NENO.BIBLE app has been designed for local ministries to deliver local content to local people. For the time being, ARM is able to localise content in the NENO.BIBLE app. Ministry content is not currently linked to your identity.

In the future, you will be able to elect the ministry, or ministries, from which you want to receive localised content. In order to do this, you will need to identify and register yourself to our product.

You might also elect to make yourself known to the ministry or ministries you select, but this will be optional.

You will always have the option to de-select having your identity being made known to a ministry or ministries,

You will always have the option to remove your identification (and registration) from our product.

Third-party websites

From within the NENO.BIBLE app, you can access content belonging to third-parties, such as Biblica, and even visit their websites. We do not know what you do on third-party websites, even if accessed through the NENO BIBLE app, however, we might know a website has been visited.